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Affordable Self-Storage Units in Bath

When moving home, it might be the case that you need some storage for a while, whilst you get yourself settled down. Or maybe you’ve had to leave your house and stay elsewhere for a week or so whilst your new home contract is being finalised. Now We’re Moving offer storage facilities at affordable prices in Bath and the surrounding areas.

We have a wide range of different storage sizes ranging from 30 SQ Ft to 200 SQ FT, meaning you only pay for the space and room that you need. You can easily switch storage units if you later decide you need less room.

Storage Unit Prices for Bath

30 SQ FT UNIT (135 cu ft) – £13
Prices are per week, including vat.

50 SQ FT UNIT (450 cu ft) – £30
Prices are per week, including vat.

75 SQ FT UNIT (675 cu ft) – £38
Prices are per week, including vat.

100 SQ FT UNIT (900 cu ft) – £49
100sq ft unit is large enough for the contents of a small house, Prices are per week, including vat.

115 SQ FT UNIT (1035 cu ft) – £56
Prices are per week, including vat.

125 SQ FT UNIT (1125 cu ft) – £60
Prices are per week, including vat.

150 SQ FT UNIT (1350 cu ft) – £70
150 sq ft unit is large enough for ‘most’ 3 – 4 bed properties – Prices are per week, including vat.

200 SQ FT UNIT (1800 cu ft) – £95
200 st ft unit will be large enough for almost all households – Prices are per week, including vat.

Local Self-Storage Units in Bath

It is important to choose a self-storage facility that is a) close to your home and b) with a trusted and reliable company. Some common questions we find our self-storage customers have are:

Are self-storage units safe?

The short answer is, yes. However, keeping your belongings safe in a storage unit is a team effort on both your part and the companies. Here at Now We’re Moving, we take storage unit theft very seriously and do everything possible to ensure your unit is as secure as it can possibly be. If you’re researching storage facilities around Bath then you should make sure that the facility has a digital surveillance system, password-protected access and efficient lighting in all areas. This will ensure maximum safety.

Once you have chosen a sotrage center then there are things you should do to also help reduce the risk of theft. These include purchasing the best lock you can afford, keeping an inventory of items, and opting for indoor storage for extra protection.

Are self-storage units insured?

Not all companies include self-storage insurance with their packages. However, it is important to find out this information from the get go as you will need to find your own insurance if it is not included. Getting insurance will cover your belongings should anything happen to them. If you own your own home and have a home insurance policy, you may not need insuance on your items in storage.

How much does self-storage cost?

Self-storage costs can differ dependant on your needs and requirements. There are many things you need to consider such as location, security, convinience and size. Most storage companies will charge based on price per SQ FT. If you need a long term storage solution then you can sometimes find cheaper deals on a 12 month fixed term contract. It’s good to get a range of different quotes from local self-storage companies around Bath. This will give you a good idea of what the ball park figures are.

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