Couple struggling and frustrated with their attempt at flat pack furniture assembly.

Don’t let your flat pack furniture get you down. Are you looking for the easiest furniture assembly experience? Do you want only a top furniture assembly professional to come to your home to transform that box of loose pieces of wood and fittings into your beautiful dresser or bed frame? With Now We’re Moving, you’ve come to the right place.

We have all the tools we need for the job in hand.

Did you just move into a new house? Haven’t had the time to purchase a full tool set? Worried how you’re going to turn those many IKEA boxes into a fully formed sofa or wardrobe ready to be enjoyed without a drill? Our furniture assembly professional you book will arrive with the full compliment of tools we need to make your dreams of a fully furnished home come true — drill, screwdrivers, allen keys rubber mallets, and more.

We can turn your frustrations into a beautiful piece of work.

Our furniture assembly experts will have your furniture up quick and carefully. We are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction. We’re only happy if you’re happy!

We will also assemble children’s playhouses, play equipment and sheds. (weather dependant)

Ikea Furniture Assembly & Delivery Service Bristol & Bath


Item Time Price On Its Own As Part of Bigger Job*
A cheap 2 door wardrobe from Argos / Homebase such as Malibu / Napoli 30 mins £47 £20
Argos / Homebase Hallingford Wardrobe 3 doors or 4 doors 90 -120 mins £65-£85 £50-£70
Most 2 door wardrobes will take about 1 hour (Next, John Lewis, Very etc). A simple 2 hinged door Ikea Pax 60 mins £47 £35
John Lewis Mix-It 2 doors, rail and shelf (drawers and other internals add time) 90 mins £65 £50
A basic Ikea Pax wardrobe 2m wide with Auli sliding doors and some Komplement fittingsThese are modular so can vary enormously. 180-240 mins £120-£150 £100-£135
Rauch Lima 2 Door Sliding Wardrobes (other styles may take longer). 90 mins £65 £50
Most 2 Door Sliding Wardrobes (longer if doors require assembly) 120-180 mins £90-£120 £70-£105
Prague 4 Door Wardrobe with Drawers 120 mins £90 £70
The Mexican Corona / Puerto Rico antique pine 2-3 door wardrobe takes a long time to assemble. 120-150 mins £90-£100 £70-£90

Chests of Drawers

The assembly time of anything with drawers in it, will be affected by the number of drawers and style of drawers.

Item Time Price On Its Own As Part of Bigger Job*
A cheap Argos / Homebase chest of 3 drawers such as Malibu / Napoli 20 mins £47 £20
An Ikea Malm chest of 3 drawers or Aspellund 30 mins £47 £20
An Ikea Malm chest of 6 drawers (there are two) 50-70 mins £47 £25 or £40
An Ikea Nordland chest of 3 drawers 60 mins £47 £35
Most Next and John Lewis 3 or 4 drawer chest will take about 1 hour to build. Generally 30 mins for the frame then 10 mins per drawer. 60 mins £47 £35
A 6-8 drawer chest could easily take 2 or more hours, such as the Isobella from Next 120+mins £85+ £70+


These are generally simple to build but as soon as there is storage they will take longer.

Item Time Price On Its Own As Part of Bigger Job*
Most simple beds – singles, doubles and kingsize. 30-45 mins £47 £20-£25
A Double Bed with 2 drawers 60 mins £47 £35
Most Ottoman Storage Beds 60-90 mins £50-£65 £40-£50
Childrens beds with storage, desks etc: usually 2-3 hours depending on what is involved 120-180 mins £85-£120 £70-£95
Mrs Flat Pack Beds will take 2 1/2 – 3 hours, depending on space 150-180 mins £100-£120 £80-£95
Most Stompa Beds 2 – 3 hours. 120-180 mins £86-£122 £70-£100

Non Ikea Items

Item Time Price On Its Own As Part of Bigger Job*
Fixed Dining Tables 20-30 mins £40 £15-£20
Extending Dining Tables 30-40 mins £40 £20-£25
Dining Chairs – each (minimum 4) 10-15 mins £20 £12-£17
Bookcases 20-30 mins £47 £18-£25
Display Cabinets 40-70 mins £47 £25-£40
2 Door Pine Wardrobe (4ft wide) 60-120 mins £47-£90 £35-£70
3 Door Pine Wardrobe (5ft wide) 90-150 mins £70-£115 £50-£95
Sideboards 60-120 mins £47-£90 £35-£72
Trampolines with surround < 8ft 60-75 mins £47-£55 £38
Trampolines with surround 10ft-14ft 90-120 mins £65-£80 £45-£70

Nursery Furniture

Item Time Price On Its Own As Part of Bigger Job*
Simple Nursery Sets (wardrobe, baby changer & cot-bed) 120 mins £85 £70
Mamas and Papas sets vary quite a bit 120-180 mins £85-£120 £70-£105

How We Price Furniture Assembly

We aim to be clear about exactly how we charge for our service.
Below explains our rates and why we charge this way.

All of our quotes are for a fixed price assembly, so you will know you will be paying nothing more.

We assemble furniture daily with the job we do and are familiar with most items on the market. So when you contact us for a quote, we have usually built it or something very similar.

As of October 2018, the typical rate is £47 for the first hour and then £35 per hour in quarter of an hour increments, this does vary depending on how fa we have to travel. Rather than focus solely on the rate have a look at the section below to get an idea of how much assembling your furniture will cost, we are a lot quicker than you might think and assemble in 1/4 to 1/2 the time most people do who are good at DIY.


Typically, we will need to know the exact product, so we can work out how long it will take and what it will cost. Based on how long the job will take we can let you know how soon we can build it for you. So please provide the following when asking for a quote:

DO PROVIDE For Each Item:

An Internet Link for each item.

OR the Supplier Name, a Description and Part Code.

If you have LOTS OF FURNITURE or a MODULAR SYSTEM (for example, Ikea Besta – Ikea Pax – John Lewis Mix It etc)

There are usually a lot of parts any of which can influence the assembly time. It is usually quicker and far more accurate if you COPY & PASTE or PHOTOGRAPH your RECEIPT and email it to us.

We cannot accept attachments via the website, so when you fill in the form in the contact us page, you will receive details of your nearest assembler by email. If you reply to this with your attachment, it will be routed directly to the assembler to give you a quote.


Email us the name of the product and say we can find it on a website such as Argos, Homebase, Next etc. There are so many similarly named products, that the chances are we could pick the wrong one.

Ask how much it is to build a wardrobe without providing specific information.

Pre-Assembled / Second Hand

We will do our best to help, so please provide a photograph of it assembled (if you can a couple of internal and external shots) to give us an idea of what we have to do. If not, we will only be able to give you an hourly rate and won’t be able to offer a fixed price on it.

Part Assembled and Given Up

This happens a lot, and unfortunately we cannot give a fixed price. All we can say is that it should not be more than a certain amount. We cannot know what we need to do to correct any mistakes you might have made. For example, you might have built the frame for a sliding door wardrobe and just want us to build and mount the doors for you (approx.1 hours work). However, we might have to spend some time levelling the frame you have built, before we start to ensure the doors run and close properly, which might mean it will take around 90 mins instead.

A Rough Price Guide

We work out how long it will typically take then apply an “hourly rate” to get a price, after the first hour this is charged in quarter of an hour increments, to work out the quote.

We only charge extra when:

There was an exceptional reason for an increase in time i.e. you had created more work for us for some reason such as changing your mind half way through, or you requested additional items to be assembled.

Working in tight spaces can also cause problems, generally we need a space of 2 feet around the item when it is lying down.

As you can see from the notes below it is difficult to say a wardrobe will cost X or Y until we know exactly which one it is.

Please note: We only use our own staff members, we do not sub-contract our work!

We offer discounts for OAPs and military personnel.

Collection & Delivery

We can also collect the goods from the store and deliver them to you before assembling the furniture. Delivery costs vary depending on distance and volume of goods.

We pride ourselves on offering great service!

But don’t just take our word for it….

Rick and his lads carried out our move with great efficiency,good humour and courtesy. Nothing was too much trouble for them and the whole move went very smoothly. I can highly recommend Rick and his company and will soon be using them for another move.

Chas, 09/18

Excellent throughout the whole process, Rick came out to view the property and his removal team were outstanding causing zero stress to be felt by my partner and I. Would recommend to anyone and very reasonably priced for the service received. Thanks Rick and team.

Ross M, 09/18
Very professional and very helpful – Highly recommended
DC, 09/18

I am an ex military man and I have moved 15 times before Rick & his team moved us at the end of October this year. I can safely say without a show of doubt, this was the smoothest my family and I have experienced. Nothing broken or even slightly damaged. The communication from start to finish was second to none, nothing was too much trouble. The lads, Nick, Luke Lee & Rick arrived 10 minutes early and started setting the van top before knocking on the door at the arranged time of 7.45am. They were all dressed exactly the same in matching uniform (something you don’t always see!) and as a military man, I appreciated that.  The price was also the best we had received from the 5 other companies. (some ridiculous, especially from the national companies)  The move of 3 fully loaded Luton vans were loaded and unloaded in less than 8 hours (including a 45 minute drive from house to house)  have already recommended to our friends who are moving shortly, and Rick very kindly brought round a lovely bottle of red to say thank you the recommendation!…………  I can’t thank you enough.  10/10       John.

John Braithwaite, 10/18

Id like to thank you and your guys for making our move yesterday successful. The were very professional, hard working and funny…. thanks again.

Clare Lucas      Bristol

Clare Lucas, 10/18
I just want to say a huge thank you for making my moving day go so smoothly.
your team of 3 arrived ahead of schedule, all very politely introduced themselves came and had a look at my flat and then simply got on with loading up, all done super quick time nothing dropped, even got my bulky furniture down the stairs without me realising.
I had a hold up waiting for my keys so sent them off for a cuppa and when i did get my keys the guys were at my new house before me. At my new house I let the guys know where to put stuff and they were all done in 45 minutes.
super service, polite, friendly, very professional. I am glad I picked you for my move and i would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.
thanks again
Katie                 Bath
Katie Jones, 10/18

Rick and his team were great and went to a lot of trouble to help with my move down in Bournemouth. Was fab to hook up with Rick again after not seeing him for so many years!

Steve                  Bournemouth

Steve Hodges, 08/18

These guys have just left after a busy day moving us and they have been phenomenal
Can’t fault them
Prompt friendly and weren’t even annoyed we completed late in the day they were so careful with all our valuables and were just wonderful
The one part of the entire process that has gone well has been these guys and I would recommend them over and over again
Thank you guys for being a great team and so lovely we are very very grateful to all of you . If you’re thinking about who to go with just do it and pick these guys best service and best price for miles around.
See you for karaoke soon!

Caroline                              Paulton

Caroline Wright, 09/18

Ricks team moved us house yesterday and for an event that is meant to be so stressful I was very relaxed! Wayne, Luke and Jordan arrived at 0745 and after a quick chat and brew they were working at speed, but with care. They had our whole house and garage done in just under 2 hours. Then when we eventually got the keys they were already waiting at the new place, unloaded again in under 2 hours.

The main thing for us was that nothing was broken (had some previous bad experiences!) but on top of that all 3 guys were genuine nice guys and made our move so smooth and chilled and that enabled us to be excited about getting our keys! Thank you! Will recommend to anyone moving!!!

James Purell, 06/18

These guys are amazing. They took the stress out of moving day, worked so hard, so friendly and made us laugh. Fantastic service from start to , highly recommended. Thank you for such a great service.

Rachel Barlow, 08/18

Nick , Wayne and “PC” were fabulous, very organized. Very hard working, the move was so stress free especially for elderly parents (who throughly enjoyed the happy crew) so pleased you were recommended to us !

Karina Poolman, 09/18

Have to say the lads have been amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better service from Rick, Tony or the lads. Stress free and friendly service. Thank you so much

Debbie Ellis, 08/18

Excellent service from Rick and his team. Competitive price and great communication in the weeks before the move as we negotiated dates.

Natasha Burns Tully, 06/18

Took all the stress out of moving day. The lads were professional, friendly, helpful and worked incredibly hard. Thanks again.

Simon Boraston, 08/18

Great job – tidy, thoughtful, courteous and efficient – thanks guys!

Chris Webster, 07/18

The move was over 2 days, and I have to say, the lads (Rick, Luke, Nick & Leeroy) did extremely well considering the other companies quoted our move over 3 days and wanted over double the amount! Yes we have a 4 bedroom property, We didn’t think it required 3 days to do the move and some of the prices were astronomical.

They started at 7am and were loaded by 1pm, made their way to Cornwall and stayed overnight. They delivered our belongings at 8.30am assembled 4 beds and 2 wardrobes, and were finished by 12.45 and were on their way!   nothing broken whatsoever. Have already recommended to others.   Fantastic service!!!

Wendy Thornbury, 04/18
We moved house on sept 21st not only was rick and team the most affordable they were the best communicators and replied to us promptly
We didn’t get our keys until five thirty on a Friday night and yet the boys didn’t even grumble
They were brilliant great humour and total hard workers we didn’t lift a finger
Great guys and even came back a few days later to move a fridge for us that we had missed
Absolutely recommend the only part of the moving house process I enjoyed were booking these guys
Thank you for being such stars!
Paul Short, 09/18

I’d like to thank Rick, Nick, Luke and Justin for a magnificent job well done.  Completely stress free, and I have been ill for some time leading up to the move and almost called it off…. Im glad I didn’t now. You guys were amazing. So fast, so efficient.

Thank you so much, have recommended you to my niece.

Tim Bennett, 05/18

We were very happy with the removal crew. They worked very fast, carefully and soon had the house cleared and loaded up. The unloading at the new address went very smoothly and efficiently.
The team was very friendly and helpful throughout, making sure we had the least possible worry on what is traditionally a very stressful day.
We would recommend your firm to anyone. Keep up the good work!

Five Stars as far as we are concerned!

Best regards

Chris and Fiona                 Minehead

Chris Miller, 11/18

Rick and his team were amazing. Arrived on time and never rushed me, my retired parents or my ill partner. They packed everything in their vans with a great amount of care. Not one item was damaged and was put away in the rooms required. The price quoted was extremely reasonable as well.
Thank you so much guys. If i ever need to move again these are the people i would call.

Wendy        Paulton

Wendy Taylor, 11/18

We were very happy with the removal crew. They worked very fast, carefully and soon had the house cleared and loaded up. The unloading at the new address went very smoothly and efficiently. The team was very friendly and helpful throughout, making sure we had the least possible worry on what is traditionally a very stressful day.
We would recommend your firm to anyone. Keep up the good work!

Five Stars as far as we are concerned!

Fiona Miller

Mr & Mrs Miller, 22/12/18

Brilliant team, great banter on what was a very stressful day. The worked so hard. Cleared the old house in just over 2 hours and had us in the new one in about an hour. Would definitely recommend and use again in the future. Thank you

Kim           Midsomer Norton

Kim Neimand, 1/12/19

Ricky and his team are extremely professional and friendly. The moving experience was made easy and smooth. All the staff are helpful and very careful. I would thoroughly recommend Now We’re Moving!

Sam Chivers Estate Agent.          Midsomer Norton

Sam Chivers Estate Agent, 6.01.19

”  I chose Now We’re Moving on the basis of a hunch, they had offered neither the cheapest or the dearest of 5 quotes; then they gave me a price match of like-for-like.  The removal involved the contents of a 2-bedroom flat plus a similar quantity stored elsewhere, and delivery 110 miles away, in two vans.  I was impressed by their (apparently) effortless, and good humoured, loading and unloading, the stored items took one third of the estimated loading time.  My own arrival at destination was unavoidably delayed and, contrary to my expectations, the team were patient and understanding, something I very much appreciated in the circumstances.  I thoroughly recommend Now We’re Moving as a straight-dealing, polite, and thoroughly professional company.   Dr J D Cavieres  ”

Dr Jose Cavieres, 27.02.19

Really impressed with their service, turned up at 7.45 and didn’t stop until 6pm! we had a lot of stuff so they had to get another van last minute for us. everything was packed well in the van and we have had no breakages, the new house had a slope up to the house and it was hard work for them getting everything up the slope and into the house, we felt really bad but they just cracked on until everything was in and in the right place. The price was very competitive and we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again or recommend to anyone. Thank you!!

Beth Buss, 27.10.19

Highly recommend the Now We’re Moving team, very prompt, very friendly & a professional service.

Nikki Skevington, 29.10.19

Would definitely recomend to anyone
friendly ,efficient and very helpful.

Caroline Lloyd, 6.11.19