Benefits of Professionally Cleaned Carpets.

Keeping your home clean is very important to feel comfortable and cozy. Your home reflects your personality as well as your lifestyle. Maintaining a clean home means cleaning every part of it, especially the carpets. And for many this is the most difficult part, especially getting rid of stubborn stains, , but we can do this quickly, efficiently and at affordable prices.

We use specialised equipment in order to achieve great results.

Professional carpet cleaning removes all dust particles, water damage, stubborn stains, urine & faeces etc.

Carpets attract dust, pet dander and many other dirt fragments. Vacuuming carpets only will not remove the ground in dirt particles. Our professional carpet cleaning methods, however, can remove 99% of bacteria and dirt from the carpet with the use of special shampoos and a very high-powered water extraction method.

Our Professional carpet cleaning methods can also get rid of dust mites (something nobody wants in their home!) Professional carpet cleaning will remove every dust mite and other microscopic contaminants from the carpet so you can feel at ease and enjoy a healthy life.

We use a steam cleaning method which is based on the use of high temperature steam that dust mites and other bacteria cannot survive.

State of the art carpet cleaning equipment

We use the latest professional carpet cleaning upholstery cleaning machinery for every job partaken. We use a machine called the enforcer (feel free to google it) It comfortably cleans carpets, hard floors, sofas, mattresses and curtains. We also clean car seats and carpets inside the footwell’s and the boot.

Take advantage of our expert stain removal.

We use a deodoriser to eliminate nasty odours such as urine, faeces, vomit, smoke damage and everyday smells.

The chemicals we use are designed for commercial environments such as hotels, schools and doctors surgeries. So are very effective in domestic environments too.

They are specially formulated to eliminate the source of the odour, rather than just masking it as is the case with inferior products. They don’t have that overpowering floral aroma, just a very subtle light, citrus smell.

We can add the deodoriser to our powerful water extraction, steam cleaning machines so it really works it’s way into the pile of the fabric, where a lot of the odour exists.

The deodoriser we use is a concentrate incorporating urine stain neutralisers, containing very powerful non-oxidising biocides to work effectively against enveloped viruses, fungi, algae and a broad spectrum of bacteria. It also gives exceptional performance on organic soiling, even in hard water areas where most other products will fail.

Our Biocidal cleaning chemical has a neutral pH, which makes it safe to use on most hard surfaces, floors, walls, wet-cleanable carpets and upholstery. It can even be used in the washing machine as a laundry additive.

We have used it both personally and professionally for years, with excellent effective results. A truly versatile product that can effectively solve problems on most hard surfaces, carpets, upholstery and laundry.

We use a very powerful method of removing stains. The amount of heat our machines produce will eliminate 95% of stains.

Also, the detergents we use a 100% safe for Children and pets. Those who suffer from allergies are also safe with our products.

The cleaning solutions are non toxic and biodegradable.


Take advantage of our anti stain treatment. This is applied to freshly cleaned or new carpets also curtains and upholstery. This has highly effective results. The anti stain treatment settles onto of the material rather than penetrating the pile and sinking to the bottom. If there’s anything spilt, you can simply pad out the spillage.

We use a chemical called Stainshield, which forms an invisible shield around your carpets and furnishings, making spills and stains easier to remove. Stainshield will not affect the colour, feel or texture of even the finest fabrics, while still retaining fire retardant properties. Spillages are mopped up with absorbent tissues or sponge, whilst dried stains are more easily removed. Now with the added protection of ACTIGUARD® (Allergyshield), you can rest assured that your home is safe, from dust mites, fungal mould and bacteria, and their allergens.