At the close of December 2018, the transaction count for all seasonally adjusted UK properties reached 102,330 for residential homes.

Selling your house, whether for the first time or umpteenth time, can be both daunting, nerve-wracking, and downright exhausting. For many of us, a lot of this stress could be down to the lack of any decent forward-planning.

We know, though – no matter how much planning you do, the whole process is rarely straightforward. According to a study by Vivo Property Buyers, selling a house has come to be the most stressful life event. Ever.

We can already see a lot of nodding heads.

But there are tips and tricks out there that can land you in a much better position than you think!

Thankfully, we’ve created a concise infographic – a sort of self-checklist – to make sure you’re as prepared as can be to get your house ready for the market.