10 Tips for Moving Large Furniture

10 Tips for Moving Large Furniture

Are you looking to move your furniture in your house? Perhaps you’ve recently become a follower of Feng shui – the Chinese pseudoscience of achieving harmony with your surroundings by orienting furniture. Or maybe you’ve just purchased a new wardrobe for your bedroom. It looks nice online – but it might be down to you to actually move it into place.

Whatever the reason – you will more than likely have to move a sizeable piece of furniture from one place to another at some point in your life if you haven’t already.

And this is where things can get quite awkward. Obviously, depending on size and weight, furniture can often be difficult and stressful to manoeuvre around spaces – especially if yours isn’t a simple 4×4 plan.

There are so many risks involved that don’t immediately spring to mind, such as the surface texture you’re on, being unable to see where you’re going, or simply not knowing how to correctly lift a heavy object. This might seem a bit like a health-and-safety compulsory course, but one small move and you can seriously do damage to your back. And that isn’t fun for anyone.

At Now We’re Moving, we understand the complexities surrounding the safe moving of furniture. That’s why we’ve made a top-10 infographic to help you with your next big move.